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AP Tuner Version History

Version 3.06: Fixed a minor Windows layout issue where the user activates a window by clicking the inside of the window instead of the titlebar - the Harmonic Graph would not rise to the front of the screen.

Version 3.05: New major version.  Contains many new features, an improved tuning algorithm for low notes (below E2), the Harmonics Graph, Temperament, Stretch Tables, and much more!

Version 2.10: Fixed a bug in which under some conditions, the A4 frequency was not saved or loaded between sessions.

Version 2.09: Now using the latest NSIS install system for the installation executable.  This makes the download size about half of the previous InstallShield Express package!  Also in this version, the XP manifest file was included which should make the application look more like the standard XP style.

Version 2.08: Included addition audio recording support for different sample rates and bit sizes.  The change should not make any real difference to the performance of the tuner, but allows sound cards that cannot record at 11KHz Mono 16-bit to choose a different recording format.

Version 2.07: Fixed A4 Frequency bug.

Version 2.06: Improved "Edit Preset" dialog box.  Fixed bug in keyboard accelerators.  Revised help documentation.

Version 2.05: Note presets can now be organized by category.  Changed the "Edit Preset" dialog box to manage preset categories.  Added most common presets which is a superset of the those listed in Version 1.xx of the program.  The user can change the preset shown via the main menu.

Version 2.04: Minor changes to fine tuning needle.  Fixed more spelling on the registration dialog.

Version 2.03: The install executable now uses InstallShield and provides uninstall support.  Added a "Contents" menu option to launch the HTML help viewer (or press F1).  Fixed some spelling errors.

Version 2.02: Added HTML help to the application, tuner.chm.

Version 2.01: Updated the registration dialog to show a clickable hyperlink to the correct web page.

Version 2.00: Major overhaul of the user interface and the tuning algorithm.  The more streamlined user interface now uses Windows GDI+.  The tuner algorithm went through rework and should detect notes for a more diverse set of instruments.